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St. Odilia Endowment Funds 60K in 60 days Challenge Grant

We are pleased to announce the receipt of a special grant from two benefactor families - $60,000.00 to benefit the St. Odilia Parish and St. Odilia School Endowment Funds. These endowments provide permanent financial resources, which support and enhance the many ministries of both the Parish and the School.
This generous grant, given in gratitude of our first 60 years as a parish, comes with a Challenge to our community. Raise an additional $60k (or more!) in 60 Days and help us secure the next 60 years of St. Odilia. Launched at the Hail & Farewell on August 1st, this challenge goes through September - St. Odilia’s Endowment Fund Month.
You can make a gift online at, with the September Endowment Fund green envelope, or by sending in a check made payable to St. Odilia Endowment Fund (indicate Parish or School Endowment preference).
Help us to double the impact of this Challenge Grant and strengthen St. Odilia Endowments for generations of St. Odilia families to come. Thank You!