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Fall Festival Needs YOU!

Do you enjoy being involved, working as a team and getting to know others?
Join the Fall Festival Leadership Team!

We're looking for volunteers to help out in the following areas:

  • Raffle Tickets - join in the fun of sharing raffle tickets with your neighbors, family and friends! Looking for a team of 4 to coordinate raffle ticket sales. Mentored by the best, you'll learn from a pro & meet new people while learning the ropes.

  • Silent Auction Weekend Coordinator – want to learn 'behind-the-scene' tasks of a silent auction? Join the Silent Auction team to help organize & implement another successful bidding event. Food Truck Coordinator – who doesn't like a good slice of pizza? Get to know the foodies & their specialty foods... taste testing a must!

  • Farmers Market – a venue with endless opportunities! Produce isn't the only item sold at the farmers market. Have some fun while finding local vendors to promote Festival weekend.

  • Facilities Coordinator – last but definitely not least. Without this crew, the festival couldn't exit. Build some muscle and let's get moving!

Contact us to find out more! Janet (651) 587-6273 or Trish (612) 743-9572