Prayer Garden Details

Prayer Garden Details

The St. Odilia Prayer Garden includes columbaria with niches for cremated remains as well as traditional in ground burial plots.  Yes, that means it IS a cemetery, but it is also so much more!  That is why its official name is the St. Odilia Prayer Garden.

This is a sacred place where we bury our dead in the spirit of our faith and hope in eternal life.  It is a place for our community to gather for prayer and a sacred place offering a quiet place for individual reflection and meditation.  The natural beauty of the garden with the pond surrounds each visitor with the peaceful presence of the Creator. We are confident that this ministry at St. Odilia will be a source of comfort and hope for generations to come.  

This sacred place is also a visual reminder of our belief in the Communion of Saints as we will eventually be surrounded by our ancestors in faith who have completed their life journey to God.  A walk through this garden reminds us of those holy members of our community who have enriched the life of this community by their presence and gifts.  Future generations will continue to build on the foundation of faith represented by those who rest in our Prayer Garden.

 We are now ready for people to begin purchasing niches/graves.  Because of rules regulating ownership of church property, subscribers are technically granted a permanent "use permit" or "right of use" rather than actual ownership of their selected niche or grave. 

There is plenty of space in the St. Odilia Prayer Garden.  
If you would like to reserve a grave and/or columbarium niche, click on the information packet in the list below to print out the form.  

Questions can also be emailed to